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Quartzite Kitchen Countertops Installation Naperville IL

Posted on: November 18th, 2015 by Luke

Naperville White Quartzite kitchen countertop Installation.

White Quartzite-Kitchen countertops Naperville IL

White Quartzite Kitchen countertops

Our company LDK Countertops has been instaling  granite, quartz or quartzite kitchen countertops in Naperville IL for many years. Images below are from recent instalation of white quartzite countertops. Kitchen countertops are finished with straight ( flat) edge. This is an example of the smaller l-shape kitchen countertops with double bowl undermount stainless steel sink and one cook top cut out. This images are from on going granite countertops installation. We still need to come back and install full height back splashes from the sane material. Our installers just removed the tools and special floor protection we use at each installation.



White Kitchen Countertops Naperville

Granite Countertops Naperville IL.



Naperville White Granite countertops installation

Posted on: November 24th, 2014 by Luke

Installation of the Super White granite countertops in Naperville IL.

Kitchen countertops in Naperville IL

Kitchen Island From Super White Quartzite

Image above is from our Naperville kitchen countertops installation. You can see center island finished with the straight edge and two countertops on the right and left side of the stove. Material used on this project is called Super White and it is quatzite. Quartzite is known to be harder than granite and is perfect choice for kitchen or bathroom countertops. Super White is really similar to very popular marbles such as Calcutta and Carrara White. You can see beautiful gray veining through entire slab.

Below you can see detail of the stainless steal farmer sink used for the kitchen island. Four holes was drilled for the faucet, sprayer and soap dispenser.

Farmer sink in granite countertop island

Farmer Sink