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 Basic Countertop Edge Types


Basic Edges


Upgrade Countertop Edges


Upgrade Edges


Laminated Countertop Edges

Countertops laminated edges

Laminated Edges

Take a time to go through our selection of edge styles you can choose when you planning the design of your kitchen countertops.
Granite, marble and quartz countertops can be finishes in many different styles. Which one would be the best fit for you depends on your taste and the design of the entire project.

It is very important to pick the edge you like before we finalize the proposal and the layout of the countertop. Each edging style may slightly change approach to the whole project.
Below are examples of the most popular basic, upgraded and also laminated edges.

Granite, marble or quartz comes in two thicknesses: ¾”, 1 ¼”
We can also laminate these two sizes to achieve extra thickness or unique look of the countertop.

If you need more information about some of the edge styles mentioned above or have more questions call us at (224) 222-3837.

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