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Granite Countertops

Granite countertops

Granite countertops are most popular and there is a reason why. Enormous selection of many different granite colors gives you endless possibilities to match any design or to satisfy any taste. Granite is also very hard, durable and easy to maintain. Our free one time sealer application is good for 15 years and protects s granite countertops against different stains and water penetration.




Emperador Dark Marble Tops

Marble Countertops
Because of its exotic and rich look Marble countertops are used mostly for bathroom vanity tops and Fire places. Marble comes with exotic patterns and veining which makes each piece unique and significant. Marble is not as hard and durable as granite and isn’t very often used for the kitchen countertops.





Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz Countertops
Quartz is one of the hardest surfaces in existence, which makes it perfect choice for kitchen, bars or bathroom countertops. Quartz is non porous, scratch resistant and really easy to maintain. It doesn’t need to be sealed and

has anti-microbial properties preventing the bacteria and odor growth.





Kitchen Countertops Light

Kitchen Countertops
Kitchen Countertops are manufactured mostly from granite or quartz. These two materials are strongest, most durable, easy to maintain, simply perfect for your kitchen. Kitchen is the most valuable part of each house. By investing into your kitchen you are not only creating beautiful and functional environment to live in but also significantly increasing the value of the house.
Kitchen Countertops are manufactured mostly from granite or quartz.



Granite Full Height Backsplashes

Granite backsplashes

Kitchen Backsplashes
Each countertop should have some kind of Backsplash to protect the wall from being damaged and make the design complete. Standard backsplash is 4”, but you can have custom height. Very popular and beautiful are also full height backsplashes, where granite covers whole space between countertop and upper cabinets.





Onyx Vanity Top

Bathroom vanity tops
As well as the kitchen countertops bathroom vanity tops and nicely designed bathroom can increase the value of your home. We have a large selection of marble, granite and quartz colors so you can pick the stone which perfectly fit the design of your whole bathroom. Some of our bathroom designs are simply breath taking.




Marble Walls

Calacatta Walls

Bathroom marble Walls
We can measure and cut larger pieces of slabs and install them directly on bathroom or shower walls. By fitting larger pieces of the stone together we can create seamless look and better match the flow of the stone pattern.
Kitchen is the most important part of your house and can significantly increase the value of the property. This kitchen countertops gallery will give you some ideas for your future kitchen design. Check it out!



Bar Countertops

Bar Countertops – Granite

Bar Countertops
Thanks to its strength and durability are Granite and quartz optimal materials also for bar countertops. We are able to create custom shape for any design and our large selection of the colors makes it very easy to match any project.





Outdoor Granite Countertops

Outdoor Countertops

Outdoor Countertops
Granite, Marble and Quartz can be also used as outdoor countertops such as bars, Grill areas, fireplaces and more. All these materials are resistant to water, sunshine, heat and freezing temperatures.






Custom Granite Fireplace

Granite Fireplace

Marble and granite are often used as a fire place surrounds and hearts. We are able to custom cut granite and marble to perfectly fit your fireplace and create the design you have in your mind.






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